Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sen. Olympia Snowe, Maine:
The Langostino Lobster?
It Is An Imposter!

Senator Snowe of Maine, the largest lobster producing state in the USA is really rallying against the so-called Langostino Lobster - which is actually mushy crab meat. As you expected this is about the money. Olympia Snowe told the FDA " 2-inch shellfish known as "langostino lobster" is an imphostor to the real thing". Rubio's Mexican Grill, a lame California restaurant chain was sued last year by customers for using the less expensive langostino inplace of genuine lobster in its "lobster burritos". Senator Snowe also sniped this about the FDA behavior on this foodstuff issue: "It will be remiss in its duties if it continues to allow restaurants or other entities to perpetuate this hoax at the expense of Maine's lobstermen and America's seafood customers."

The staff at The Fat Pride Timesis a strong opponent of mislabeling and deception of foodstuffs. We have hired an extra employee to travel to Maine and will be reporting back as this issue plays out. If, and when, we need your support - please join in and fight for what is right.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mr. Grey said...

That is not a repast- that is a vision of hell what with the gnarly little legs and eyestalks and protuberences. Maybe Ms. Snow should be dropped into a tank full of these things for a "policy meeting".