Monday, October 23, 2006

Reader Meal Photos
Submission Contest 2005
Voting Is Open

The staff here has finally established the list of finalists for the best submitted photo of a meal prepared by a reader of the Fat Pride Times for 2005. It was hard to choose, that is why we are voting in October not January. However below are a fine class of meals and we encouraging all to vote by using the comments link - you dont have to create an account or anything - simple stuff. Votes will be tallied by a staff member and posted at the start of November.

Bill Manweh - American Chili Cheese Dog Platter

Franchi - Argentina BBQ

Bruss - UK Monster Cake

Barnabus - Oregon Surf & Turf

Darkstar - USA Smokin' Beef Brisket

Jackball Canadian Cuisine - Salmon & Rice

Please show respect for all of these fine dishes by voting with a comment for your pick for best of 2005. Also respect for the many other fine submissions we received during the year.


Bertrando XXL said...

Darstar and his Smokin Beef Briskit. Nice touch with the canine in the background.

Anonymous said...

Franchi. The pics of the larger grill were amazing.

Staines Massiv said...

I vote for the Canadian Salmon Plate. Its gd classy and all that. He has a napkin and clean silverware right there.

Buffet Browser said...

Argentina BBQ by Franchi is my favorite of the lot. Its just an amazing display of meat and fire.
I would be honored to attend such an event sometime.

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with the Salmon & Rice or Barnabus's fine grill.


FP said...

Mr. Senet - I know it is hard to choose but could you refine your vote to one winner please. No hurries. Make a long pro and cons list, run some algorythms and you will find your choice.

I am FP

Lobsterboy said...


Bill Manweh Chili Dogs

UK Bruss Cakemaker

Kylie Mchoagie said...

What is a Barnabus?
I do not know, but I vote for his Surf & Turf meal. 5 star plate.

SENET said...

After agile consideration, I need to know if Jackball's salmon is true wild salmon, if not I would have to side with Barnabus's platter.

Jamie Lamie said...

Darkstar Beef Brisket
#1 Meal

Stan I Am said...

UK Bruss
Choco Cake

Did you get my wife's absentee ballot?

Tiny Timmy said...

Jackball Salmon Plate
Because he has yellow (saffron?) rice mostly.

Anonymous said...

Barnabus - Oregon Surf & Turf!!