Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Deep Cover Report In:
Best Western Breakfast Bar
"Beyond Continental"
Part One

Undisclosed location. FPT correspondent was embedded to prepare the following outstanding fieldwork report.

Kitchen was found to be clean and sanitary, with hand washing stations and multiple sinks.

Refridgerator #1(of 2) was is short supply, but it was late in the week, just before re-supply. There are legends of large freezers in the north wing, filled to the hilt with the bags of sausage and eggs seen here.

Overview of dining area and prepared breakfast bar. We found the fat-chef statue to be creepy, to say the least. However, his pronounced belly was a comforting sign of hearty goodness.

The first items offered were juice and coffee. Area was clean and well stocked, with Minute Maid apple juice, and orange juice. Dispensers were wiped down and clear
of any sticky mess.

Yogurt and cereal were the next offerings, along with hot tea, cocoa, and oatmeal. 3 types of dry cereal were ready to be dispensed.



Max Cheeto Man said...

Will there be punch and pie?

Linda of the Largess said...

That statue of the Chef is creepin me out