Friday, November 10, 2006

Deep Cover Report In:
Best Western Breakfast Bar
"Beyond Continental"
Part 2 - Conclusion

On the corner end we found fruit(apples only this day) and breads (wheat bread slices, 3 types each of muffins and bagels). A clean toaster was ready to go, with butter and cream cheese near by.

On the "hot" end of the bar, we found steamer trays filled with sausage and scarmbled eggs, aside a "make your own waffle" iron.

SUMMARY- the opportunity to have a good substantial breakfast was very clear. Choices were adequate, and conditions were clean and pleasant. This FPT staff member enjoyed the meal very much. 5 stars.

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Dawg V2 said...

One of the sausage links in that one pic is right up in that slot.....whats really going on there?