Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Dinner?
Count on:
Jack in The Box

Dateline: December 25th, 8pm
Scenario: Need Foodstuffs Bad
Problem: Everything is Closed
Solution: Jack in The Box

Mr.Box, are hats are off to you for staying open 365 - 24/7 days a year.


Bubbles said...

Do you pronounce that "jell-apen-o's" or the other way "Halo-pennios"?

tg said...

i am so with you and your admiration of JITB's consumer-friendly policy of doing bizness at any time, day or night. to me, that kind of 'round-the-clock commerce is civilization at its finest. it's one of the things i miss about living in calif (tho it's true of any decent/big city): the ability to buy products 24-7. in calif, that included booze

tg said...

it doesn't get any better than a receipt from JITB dated 12-25. good times

frank said...

gd right

Ben said...

The Candy Coated Clown They Call The Sandman