Monday, December 04, 2006

Reader Shares New Kitchen
Photos and Story
Nice Eating Arena

Wow, what a job! My Dad and I finished the entire kitchen floor in 5
days time, finished Sunday night at 9 pm! It looks totally awesome!
As you will see from the before and after pictures. The linoleum they
put in the trailer was pure crap, like everything else in this mobile
home. It wasnt even glued to the floor and it tore like tissue paper.

The floor underneath was in good shape, wasnt rotted out like I
assumed it was, it was just bending where there was no floor support
underneath it, but the hardibacker board I put down fixed that. Then
all the tile, and it turned out great, considering this was my first
attempt! Only a couple minor flaws that few people would really

Anyone wanting to put down tile, man, go for it! I would love
to help! It was truly a great adventure to me, and I got a great
sense of accomplishment from it. And I would tell anyone who wants
to try laying tile, to do it! It was hard work, but very fun!

All comments welcome!

Mike Rodriguez


ChubbyCharlie said...

What is an 'Eating Arena'

horsie said...

Well done, looks like a fine job.

Clyde said...

Will you be serving punch and pie?

Sweet Willie said...

Can you bid a kitchen remodel in Tallahassee?