Saturday, January 21, 2006

Homer Simpson Brings It Forth

Homer Simpson knows how to eat. The staff here recalls the following off the top of our heads: gummy venus de milo, bbq pig, a week old sandwich, the forbidden donut, petroleum jelly, huge sugar ball. Our most fond memory of him is when he goes to The Flying Dutchman for the all you can eat seafood buffet. You probably know what happens (He becomes "Bottomless Pete: Nature's Cruelest Mistake"). Please post any other foods you can recall Homer chomping down with the comments link below.

Chinese Fortune Cookie Art

One of our staff members here at the FP Times recently discovered a fortune cookie that he had put up on a shelf above his desk. It was put there around one month ago and from the picture below you can see that it has 'unfolded' open to display the paper message. We have placed this treasure in a sealed tupperware box for storage while we ponder it's message and mode of delivery.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Please keep your food
holes clean people

In conjuction with some health deal we are running a public service announcement here on The Fat Pride Times.

Food basically involves two holes in your body. It is of the upmost importance for an individual to jeep these holes clean. For your mouth - basic hygeine is a minimum. Please use a dental rinse and floss regularly. As for your buttocks, please people keep this arena clean. Use enough toilet paper and as some readers have told us before they shower after every bowel movement to keep it really real.

Please continue to enjoy the world of food, but let us work harder in keeping hygiene a top priority.

Friday, January 13, 2006

We Have A Winner For The Arby's Coupons!

The reader 'PhunkyPherret' came the closest with this answer: This is a sculpture of a milkman and his truck, made out of solidified milk and cottage cheese. Maybe some mozzarella. It could be asiago, but I'm pretty sure the secondary cheese is mozzarella. It was commissioned by Creamland Dairies for the 2004 "Milk Does A Body Good" campaign. It expires next month.

The actual correct answer is: Keeping with the nostalgic theme of this year's event, Jim Victor of Conshohocken turned 1,000 pounds of butter into a sculpture depicting an old-fashioned milk delivery wagon and two men unloading a modern milk-vending machine. Butter sculptures, an artistic way of highlighting the state's national role in butter production, usually are made from 800 pounds of butter donated by the Land O'Lakes plant in South Middletown Twp. This year's sculpture, displayed in a glass-encased cooler in the Maclay Street entrance to the complex, required more butter because of its size, Victor said.

PhunkyPherret please contact us for your coupons!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

4 - Day Contest: What is in photo above? Closest answer wins

The second installment of our 7 part series of Arby's coupons contests is underway. The person who comes the closest to the correct answer will be the winner. If we were to have multiple correct answers - the most thorough will be declared the winner. To enter simply use the "Post A Comment" link at the bottom of this post. You do not need to register or any other bs. Simply check the "Other User" boxes to answer/post. Quick and easy.

Dont forget winner to recieve a current full page ad of many Arby's coupons we got in the mail here in the FP Times test kitchens.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Burger King Guy - Genius or Offensive? You Tell Us

We received an email here today telling us about "The Burger King Guy". He resides on a webpage and sings a song about working his shift. Apparently this page has caused some controversy in the past by offending some whom saw/heard him sing his song. Take a look and decide for yourself, then post a comment with your take.

On a seperate note, we have it on a reliable food industry source that Burger King uses the best quality beef compared to it's common competition.

The Burger King Guy Page

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bob Green & Frazier Foods Offer Special Fat Pride Times Discount

CEO & General Manager of Frazier Foods, Mr. Bob Green has contacted us with New Year's greetings and a special offer for our readers. Purchase one whole roasted chicken from the deli and recieve a free tub of macaroni salad by simpling mentioning to the checker that you are a Fat Pride Times reader!

Thanks Mr. Green! - from the staff and our readership.

Offer expires on 1/2 at 7 pm.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Reader Visits The Cook Islands & Eats Like A King

One of our International Readers just spent 5 days at The Edgewater Resort in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. We are fortunate to share the above photos from the dinner menu called "South Pacific Night", which our reader enjoyed in the hotel dining room.

The main course was: Samoan Albacore Tuna: a baked tuna steak, served on a bed of fresh roasted coconut wedges, drizzled with pesto/lime sauce and steamed rice.

Between many bottles of Cook's Lager, our reader recalls the dessert as Chocolate Trelline.

Thanks for the excellent International contribution!

Anyone can submit photos or text for posting here by emailing me: