Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another New Doritos: Sizzlin' Picante Flavor Limited Time Offering

The staff here at the FPT was able to get our hands on one of the "Sizzlin' Picante" limited edition flavors from Doritos. This was a small snack sizer in a unusual purple color bag. While we have really enjoyed the other recent new Doritos flavors, this one did not have much of a personality. The chips just tasted hot, not flavorful hot, but just temperature hot. When we looked over the chips for photos for our media library it appeared that some of the chips had more of the "flavor dust" than others - meaning that one chip would taste hotter than another. Not much to get excited about here - not the next X-13.


etathed said...

Glad i didn't grab these when i saw them. I think it was the "Picante" that made me pass on them. Don't know why, i just didn't like the sound of it. For now, my favorite flavor has to be the Blazin Buffalo Ranch.

Anonymous said...

These were literally my favorite chip in the whole world. You should of bought them because i love them. I don't know if it was the Monster but i use to go out everyday and buy 1 bag of Sizzlin' Picante and a Monster. It was delicious