Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Charm City Cakes: Redefining What We Call A Cake

Charm City Cakes is an amazing business out of Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. The leader is Chef Duff who creates things that are redefining how the world views 'A Cake' as a concept. One of our regular readers pointed out his work to us and we encourage you to visit the website linked below for a great time.

Chef Duff has done many many television appearances and has had lots of press during his established career. However, we think that his appearance on the "Food Network Challenge: Rice Krispie Treat" must have been exciting.

Want a cake from Charm City? Book early as possible. The website states that he is booked - not taking new orders - until March 2008.

This all leads to Chef Duff's new tv show on the Food Network "Ace of Cakes" which has begun airing.

Charm City Cakes


Negative Nancy said...

Them cakes aint cheap.
Prolly worth it though.

postive pete said...

Is nancy still around? Hello?

Negative Nancy said...

Pete, I regret to inform you that I can no longer continue our relationship. We just do not have the same life outlook.

We will always have Arby's.