Saturday, May 10, 2008

McDonalds Free New Chicken Day!
New Southern Style Chicken
Giveaway Day May 15th
(with beverage purchase)

Be prepared people on March 15th to take advantage of a free chicken sandwich from McDonald's. They are rolling out a new 'Southern Style' breaded filet - some say it will be similar to the 'Chick-A-Fil' brand.

You can get a free breakfast sandwich in the am and a free regular sandwich after breakfast up until 7 pm. There is that have to buy a beverage catch - which prolly covers their rears on the cost and maybe then some.

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etathed said...

Damn i missed out on this. Wonder how it went over. As far as chicken sandwiches go Chick-Fil-A is tough to beat. Plus they have their condiment packs out in the open so the customer can choose how many packets of mayo they want. I like that.