Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Asian Sensations Frozen Eggrolls

The first of the new foodstuffs the team sampled yesterday was the Asian Sensations brand frozen eggrolls. These come with 4 eggrolls which are individually wrapped. We found them a chore to microwave just right - you need to turn them over and back as you heat them.

Tastewise these are adequate - expectations were not that high to begin with for a deep fried frozen microwave thing. Our team found that they really need a sauce for dipping - so if you get these make sure you got your favorite dippins.

Our team found the brand name to be sort of risque as it sounds like an asian adult movie. Also interesting is that on the front of box is an ad for a contest to win a concert with Julie Roberts. Who?


etathed said...

Best sauce with eggrolls is a spicy mustard of sorts. I will pass on these, as i am not a huge eggroll fan in the first place.

Shitty Bill said...

I like the sweet and the sour