Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorting Thru The 5 Dollar Sub Sandwiches Specials: Arby's, Quizno's & Subway

Subway's 5 dollar sub special has started a sandwich battle among 3 players now. Currently, Quiznos has the limited choice 5 dollar regular sub special going, and Arby's now is offering 2 of their regular toasted subs for 5.00 - we have not seen the size of these but we assume they are probably equal to one regular sub from Quiznos or Subway.
The all sub 5 dollar special is over at Subway. However, they have now made these 8 footlongs permanently all 5 dollar subs: Spicy Italian, Cold Cut Trio, Tuna, Bacon Lettuce Tomato, Black Forest Ham, Meatball, Veggie Delite, & Oven Roasted Chicken.

More sub news to follow as it comes in to us.

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