Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Carl's Jr. - Teriyaki Burger With Grilled Dole Pineapple Is Back - And Then Some

One of our favorites is back at Carl's Jr., and the timing is perfect. You are supposed to eat fruit in the summer and this burger helps carry that load. This year the Teriyaki Burger is being promoted by a lovely bikini beach bunny who is as good-looking as this burger is. We like this burger because the teriyaki glaze (not teriyaki sauce, which is bitter by itself) blends with the sweetness of the pineapple to make a 1-2 knockout punch. The burger looks just like the photo above - something Carl's is always good about, unlike other fast food restaurants. Heres the official stats: The Teriyaki Six Dollar Burger Charbroiled 100% Black Angus Beef Patty, Teriyaki Glaze, Grilled Dole Pineapple, Two Slices of Swiss Cheese, Red Onion, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayonnaise on a Toasted Sesame Seed Bun. CLICK HERE FOR ONE DOLLAR OFF COUPON

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