Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NEW Doritos Blazin' Buffalo Ranch "Flavor Shots" Chip Bags

Wendy, our new front desk employee found these at 7-11 and promptly returned to the FPT test kitchens with them for us to see. This new offering from Doritos has a little flavor packet with spices that you sprinkle on the chips (see photos above). We found them to be a little too flavorful with the packet spices added. However for those who just love full flavor and spice covered fingertips, these might be perfect for you. The staff here does give Doritos points for their continual innovations and new flavors.


etathed said...

hmmm seems kinda odd to have to add the flavoring yourself, why not just add it at the packaging plant and print on the bag EXTRA FLAVOR POWDER!

THis seems like a silly marketing scheme to make eating doritos more interactive. However i havent tried them yet, and may be proven wrong after i sample them.

Ghost Dog said...

They make us do the work?

albina N muro said...

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