Sunday, September 05, 2010

Chinese "Takeaway/Takeout" How to Plate Tutorial from New Zealand Reader

Our longtime friend from New Zealand has sent us his patented smooth move for getting your Chinese food out of the container and onto a plate - Kiwi style:

"From the FPT Antipodes Test Labs in New Zealand comes this meal tip for the many of you who enjoy partaking of Chinese takeaway meals. Like the rest of us you will have had trouble getting the meal from the container and onto your plate in a manner worthy of a connoisseur. New research means you will no more have to suffer the indignity of unceremoniously shoveling the evening's meal from its container and onto said plate"

Step 1. Observe your tasty meal from your favorite Chinese takeaway and brace yourself for step 2.

Step 2. Close the container and turn it upside down then open the bottom (now the lid).

Step 3. Place plate face-down over open container.

Step 4. Hold plate firmly to avoid spillage while you turn the whole thing over.

Step 5. The plate is now the right-way up. Brace yourself for step 6 as you remove the container.

Step 6. Observe perfectly-prepared meal that looks like it's straight out of a recipe book. Consume like a pro!

Thanks for your time.
In case you wondered, the meal above was sweet and sour fish.


Concerned Clarice said...


kiwi said...

I got a little full but I'm ok.

etathed said...

Wow that looks damn good. Those fishes are massive! nice removal method as well.

Big Billiam - NY City - XXXL said...

Is said fish battered and fried?
I am not familiar with this meal.
However, I will be trying your moves all up in my sleeper rig of my truck.