Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Media Misleads - Fat Pride News Byline: Whale Woman Gets Harpooned

The media is running wild with the true story of a woman who was accidently harpooned by a diver while she swam in Budva, Montenegro. Terms being thrown around are "Thar she Bl-ows", "Roly Poly", and eben "Whale Woman".

The FPT team stayed up late tonight and engaged in some truth-seeking internet scouring. Many of the news sites are running the story with no photos as a one photo of her would kill their spin on this.

Maja Georgi, 28 - (who appears just slightly overweight in other web found photos) has vowed to go on a diet after she was harpooned by a diver as she swam in he sea off the coast in Budva, Montenegro - "I might need to lose a few pounds but I'm not exactly Moby Dick either".

This post meant as a general bulletin to our FPT First Responders so you know not to assemble our "Priders Helping Priders" crisis crew.

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