Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Northwest Sighting of Oddly Green Jack's Links Jerky Bags

We can now confirm with our veteran mobi reporter B2 that a sighting of what appears to be tainted in some fashion Jack's Links Jerky bags. Franklin went out on a field mission and spotted 2 bags on the rack in this condition - being they were jalapeno flavor - he looked at other bags of the same flavor. All others appeared to be of the quality we love from Jack's Links. Expiration dates checked out on weird bags - perhaps its those little 'preservative pouches' popping open?


etathed said...

Love me some jerky but GD.

Barnabus said...

I never thought I would see the day that Franklin was back on the payroll. This was such a bad mistake, and believe me, any forensic investigator could have proven that the bite marks on that side of beef were *his*. Josephine is still bitter at her dismissal. fwiw.