Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Las Vegas Wranglers Hockey Taco Tally Coupon for Free Del Taco

Last Sunday, one of our FPT staffers went to a hockey in Las Vegas. Little did he know that he would be walking out of the arena with a free taco!

Here is the Taco Tally promotion. If the Las Vegas Wranglers score 5 or more goals in a game, everyone in attendance wins a free taco from Del Taco. This game the Wranglers scored 6 goals total!! On the way out of the arena, people who where at the game where given a coupon for one free classic taco. The FPT endorses this promotion and feels other teams should make the same kind of offers to their fans.

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etathed said...

This is a great promotion! Everyone loves when the home team wins, and everyone loves free food. I once went to an indoor lacrosse game in pittsburgh, which was totally kick ass, and they did a similar promo with BW3.