Monday, December 06, 2010

Victorville Road Trip Part 1 Johns Incredible Pizza Co

The FPT went on a road trip this last weekend to the California High Desert. Not sure where we be staying, ended up in Victorville, California. Our first day in town we looked for a local food establishment to sample. Not more than a block from our hotel, we found John's Incredible Pizza Company. We noticed that it was a all you can eat pizza buffet. That pretty much sealed the deal for us.

We went inside and it was more than we could have expected. At least 8 to 10 different pizza to choose from. A salad bar, pasta bar and desserts. John's Pizza is like a Chucky E. Cheese, style restaurant. It has games for the kids, themed eating areas for children and adults.

The pizza slices are small, but that's ok, you can go for back as many as you want. The price of $11.99 we thought was a little steep, that price does include all you drink soda or coffee. If you stop in Victorville, we would suggest John's Incredible Pizza Co. Its right off the Bear Valley exit off of the I-15 Freeway.

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etathed said...

I like pizza buffets..... Any way you could tell a bit more about the pies you sampled?