Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reindeer Meat in a Can and Finnish liquorish Candies

One of our loyal readers BGG sent in this strange food stuff image. Reindeer meat, Just in time for the holidays. This was sent to him from a from a country, far, far, away. Here is a portion of the conversation we had with BGG about his Reindeer meat.

where is this reindeer dish
<@Brian_Glickglick> oh yeah, let me find that
photo and a write up would be awesome
<@Brian_Glickglick> lemme try to find a photo of the can
<@Brian_Glickglick> ugh. there are more graphic pictures of annie now
<@Brian_Glickglick> i'll spare you
<@Brian_Glickglick> basically it was canned reindeer and weird finnish liquorice candies, and chocolate that arrived in what appears to be a WWII era finnish military box used to carry either flares or incendiary ammunition
<@Brian_Glickglick> the chocolate was good
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<@Brian_Glickglick> the candies carry a health warning
<@Brian_Glickglick> blood pressure
I will dance now
<@Brian_Glickglick> the reindeer was fucking inedible
for anyone
40.00 mafers
<@Brian_Glickglick> it was like eating canned liver
<@Brian_Glickglick> big hunks of congealed fat
did u cook it
<@Brian_Glickglick> i tried. i mixed it with egg and bread crumbs
<@Brian_Glickglick> made croquettes
ive heard of this finnish meal
in fact thats how i got here
<@Brian_Glickglick> it was still hard to put down
reindeer helper
<@Brian_Glickglick> i thought about it but dude
<@Brian_Glickglick> eggs
<@Brian_Glickglick> bread crumbs
<@Brian_Glickglick> bread
<@Brian_Glickglick> lettuce, tomato
<@Brian_Glickglick> more bread
<@Brian_Glickglick> and i still couldn't eat more than a couple bites
<@Brian_Glickglick> it wasn't so much that it was "bad"
<@Brian_Glickglick> it was just too rich/fatty/gamey
<@Brian_Glickglick> it was like eating liverwurst or somethin'
<@Brian_Glickglick> and it was a pretty big ass can of the stuff
<@Brian_Glickglick> after a few days i gave up and just threw it away
<@Brian_Glickglick> still got the candies. they're bitchin'
<@Brian_Glickglick> eat more than 2 and you get sort of light headed. they sort of taste like nicotine gumdrops
<@Brian_Glickglick> let me find a picture of the can it came in and pastebin it and then this is complete

Here are the Finnish candies, and here is what BGG says about them <@Brian_Glickglick> the candies carry a health warning
<@Brian_Glickglick> blood pressure


etathed said...

JESUS, that is some crazy looking stuff. I wouldnt even try that.

Santa said...

To whom it may concern:

I am missing some reindeer....