Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Fat Pride Times
Spam Folder Bender

After sorting thru the 100's of emails we receive at the FPT on a daily basis, sometimes we have a look into our junk mail bin. Look at this bender they want us to go on. First, I get the Homlel of my dreams, then visit Taco Bell & McDonald's with vouchers, Pick up my Coach brand bags and hop on for an airline flight. Upon arrival, I immediately will be getting some leg and using Trojan latex condoms for protection, followed by more Taco Bell then finally a nice shave by Gillette Fusion. Right after, I join a dating service and will be coming into more Trojans! The bender ends with 3 trips to Taco Bell and the capper at McDonald's.


Anonymous said...

A strange sequence of events indeed.

FP said...

I am negotiating the book and film rights to this adventure story at this very moment.