Monday, September 04, 2006

Test Kitchen Report:
Steakhouse Choice
Frozen Burger Box

A staff member noticed these 'gourmet' pub-style frozen jalapeno and cheddar burger patty boxes on sale the other evening. Price was 7.99 for 6 burgers - we found that to be a nice price. Going into the FatPride Times Test Kitchen, the group consensus was that these were probably gonna be so-so. However, when you add the proper toppings and spices they make one nice item. Our method - as shown above - was to spice it with red chili pepper flakes, let it cook around a large portion of red onion pieces and then melted cheddar upon the top. Turned out to be one of our more recent favorites - however keep in mind that a real meal will require two of these patties per person.


Negative Nancy said...

That does not look like a burger in the last picture. I found this odd.

Anonymous said...

The Steakhouse Choice Frozen Burgers are no longer available at my grocery store. Too bad, becase we really enjoyed all the flavors. The jalepeno and bleu cheese were our favs.