Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Night Fights:
Swedish Fish v. Ju Ju Fish

Having recently found a source for the authentic "Swedish Fish" jellied type candies, the staff here decided to stage a battle royale to determine pound for pound which jellied fish was the true champion.

The photo above was taken at the night before weigh-in in a casino meeting hall booked by the promoters. As in most profesional sports press, each fish used heavily logoed backdrops from their brand name endorsers.

The knock-off brand "Ju Ju Fish" was pitted against the authentic "Swedish Fish" in a four-flavor, eight round old-fashioned fish fight.

As most here predicted, the "Swedish Fish" just pummelled its way to victory over the "Ju Ju Fish" in a TKO decision in the third round.


Mr. Otto Bear said...

I would like to offer a no holds barred match between Cinnamon Teddy Bear Jelly Candy and Sour Peach Rings Candy.

Seeking a venue and sponsors.
Please email me

Houseboat Harry said...

Im having some disagreement with this match-up. For one thing the Swedish Fish is like twice the size of a Ju-Ju. I think you should give Ju-Ju a rematch in 6 months, which will give him time to weight train and consume weight gain powders.