Saturday, September 16, 2006

Frozen Corned Beef
Is This Too Old?
Seeking Reader Input
Can We Eat It?

A friend of the FPT recently left town and brought over the frozen foodstuffs that were in his family's freezer. While most were recent purchases and have allready been consumed, there is the above piece of corned beef. Frozen on/before May 17, 2004: this meat is now over 2 years and 5 months old. The staff here loves corned beef but we are not sure if this is still safe to consume and we are calling on your expertise as FPT readers to comment to us your opinions.


Dr. Beefalo said...

TABLE 2. Practical storage life of meat and meat products

Products Practical storage life in months
-18 °C -25 °C -30 °C
Beef carcass 12 18 24
Roasts, steaks, packaged 12 18 24
Ground meat, packaged, (unsalted) 10 >12 >12
Veal carcass 9 12 24
Roasts, chops 9 10–12 12
Lamb carcass 9 12 24
Roasts, chops 10 12 24
Pork carcass 6 12 15
Roasts, chops 6 12 15
Ground sausage 6 10
Bacon (green, unsmoked) 2–4 6 12
Lard 9 12 12
Poultry, chicken and turkeys, eviscerated,
well packaged 12 24 24
Fried chicken 6 9 12
Offal, edible 4

From: Recommendations for the processing and handling of frozen foods, International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris, 1972.

Mean Miss Billie Jean said...

Let it go people
That meat be tainted up now.

Mr. Grey said...

Sure, it's okay to eat. One time, I thawed and et some Eggos from like five years ago and they tasted fairly good and a little while later I saw Jebus with Jerry Garcia in heaven and stuff.

Dr. Feelgood said...

I cannot endorse this foodstuff. Safety first.

Anonymous said...

drop it at the nearest homeless shelter, they will love you for it.

Anonymous said...