Saturday, August 29, 2009

Burger Battle: Carl's Jr.'s Big Carl Knocks Out The Big Mac From McDonalds

The key stats in this burger battle royale had the oddsmakers placing the Big Carl as the clear favorite before it even got underway. The new Big Carl has twice the meat and twice the cheese as the Big Mac and sells for just $2.49 or less in most restaurants. The Big Mac ranges in price, but averages more than $3. Inside our test kitchens we found the Big Carl not only trumped the Big Mac in size but also in taste - which is very important, it doesn't matter how big something is if it does not taste good.


Big Billiam - NY said...

I ate two of these last week and had to pull my rig over and take a nap. These are the real deal.

Call me on my cell if your'e bored. I got unlimited minutes.

Creative Carl said...

I am also big.

Creative Carl said...

Some folks call it a lawn mower blade. I call it a slingblade.