Thursday, August 06, 2009

Stuart Anderson Steakhouse Entree Photos

Our embedded MOBI reporter in the Las Vegas area sent us pictures of the dishes ordered on a recent visit. Black2oof tells us that the meals were good overall. Nobody here has been to a Stuart Anderson's in a long time so we are opening up this to our readers for reviews and stories. Please use the comment link below to share anything you know. The two plates above would have been app. 50.00 dollars total, our MOBIman had a coupon that knocked it down to 30.00 dollars for two.


Rita, FPT Accounting Dept. said...

2oof is full time embedded in LV now? was this stimulus spending?

etathed said...

Never been to one of these places. but GD, those look like good meals. I for one would go with the top plate.