Monday, August 17, 2009

Taste of Asia Opens in Snowshoe, WV

The other day I was invited to private tasting prior to the grand opening of a new Japanese/Thai restaurant, Taste of Asia. Located in the Village at Snowshoe, this place provides a very authentic Asain dining experience. The food was fantastic and just as impressive was the decor of the restaurant. Samurai swords, golden buddhas, and several other oriental statues really provide a pleasant and unique atmosphere. Throw in a quant sushi bar and what more can you ask for?! I sampled several different sushi rolls, fresh fish, crab rangoons, as well as a couple chicken and rice dishes. All were top notch. As an extra bonus, Taste of Asia also delivers to anywhere in the village at Snowshoe (which includes my office!) Here is their official site: Taste of Asia

From Etathed FPT Mountain Man Reporter


Yancy - Oregon said...

I cook my fish. Old fashioned style fish fry.

Anonymous said...

I was there 2-15-10. This was worst place on the mountain to eat period. The service was terrible. We wait an one and a half hours to get a sit. This was only after I said something about people who came in after us getting sit first. The food was no best better. Do yourself a favor go somewhere esle.

Anonymous said...

You need to learn to talk and write correctly first. Then they will "sit" you.

Also, you were there on Valentine's weekend. Probably the mountain was slammed everywhere.

This place has very good food, has good service, but is a bit pricy. But that's what you get when you go to a resort.