Thursday, September 10, 2009

FPT & KBLO Radio "Free Food Coupons" Giveaway Winner!

One lucky fellow from St. Louis was the first to email in after KBLO ran our free coupon contest for the new Biscuit Holes with icing from Hardee's. We asked Kevin to please write us back with his take on these Biscuit Holes after he received his coupon, however he allready is a fan and said these are proof of food evolution - as they are better than even the best donuts.


Negative Nancy said...

They look like balls to me.
Anyone else?
They do look tasty.

(I am trying to not be so negative all the time.)

Neutral Neddy said...

they were so-so, i might go back for more, might not.

etathed said...

congrats to the winner. I am a fan of most things that come with a dipping sauce, i am sure these are way tasty.

Tom Sawyer said...

wait, there's someone else in The Lou getting coups?