Monday, September 28, 2009

Hardee's Alternative Menu - Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Carb & More

BREAKING FOOD NEWS: Hardee’s has a variety of vegetarian, low carb and gluten-free options that aren’t listed on the menu: Frisco Breakfast Sandwich, no cheese and butter; Charbroiled Chicken Club packed in a fresh whole-leaf lettuce wrap; Thickburger, no meat, but premium produce and all the fixings… At Hardee’s you can order anything on the menu any way you like it. No gluten? No meat? No problem. Low carb? Consider it done (Tom Sawyer from our Cynic's Corner post below should be intrigued.

Visit: Hardee's Indulge for some ideas and to download a coupon to make your own flavor experiment.


etathed said...

While i support hardees and the effort to cater to all food fans (this is USA after all)..... I would never order anything like the stuff mentioned in the release.

Bertranndo said...

Thats pretty decent.

Anonymous said...

Eh, it's about time these big joints create actual vegetarian options.

In-n-out does a nice grilled cheese, but it's not substantial enough to be called a meal.

It's not that tough to have a veggie burger, is it?