Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reserved Starbucks In-Grocery Store Parking - Is This Wrong?

Upon a re-stock visit to a local grocery store, we were about to jam the FPT team van into a parking space up close and spotted the "15 Minute Starbucks Only" tag it had.

Yes, we at the FPT enjoy our Starbucks coffee, however we wonder if this is a good idea. First off, we think of those who need handicap parking. Also, Starbucks attracts a lot of people that like to hang out and be seen while they "work" on their laptops for much more than 15 minutes.

Staff here votes that these should be painted over and Starbucks patrons can fight for spots like the rest of us people. Please share your take using the comments link below.


Glib Guiermo said...

maybe it's for the guy from battlestar galactica.

etathed said...

Im am against this. And what happens if you park there and go into the grocery store instead? Surely this spray painted space is not a legally bound ordinance. USA, thats what i say.

Big Billiam - NY said...

I am going to park my sleeper rig there and crash out.

I sleep during the day as I like to drive my rig at night.

PS - I drink Folgers instant coffee that I heat up in my mini kitchen in the sleeper cab.

Stencil Steny said...

Etethed has a point, I spray paint a lot of stuff on parking spaces myself.