Monday, September 28, 2009

Zancou in Burbank, CA - MOBI Dining Report & Review From Our Friend Skep

Just wanted to share some yummy food pics with you. Hubby and I were in Burbank today and had lunch at Zankou. It's one of their newer locations and very nice inside. We each ordered the #4, quarter-chicken white meat plate which comes with that delicious Zankou roasted chicken, two pitas, hummus, chopped tomatoes, pickled turnips, and a side of their incredibly addictive secret recipe garlic sauce. Too much food for me, so Hubby happily finished my plate too.

Happy eating! Skep


TomSawyer said...

I like that your hubby collects the trash in front of him. It's the subtle things that mean so much. This is a gentleman.

etathed said...

Weird, never saw a meal like this. My jury is still out on the pitas, but i would try this meal if for nothing more than to try this special garlic saucE!

Sessy Samuel said...

skep is all GILFy.