Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buffalo Bills Casino: Sizzling Shrimp Fajitas in Primm, Nevada - MOBI Media Report from B2

From our Nevada embedded-consultant B2: This is the best meal out in primm, in my opinion. The sizzling baja shrimp fajitas at Buffalo Bills Casino in Primm, Nevada. The Baja Shrimp Fajitas consists of Baja Shrimp, Green and Red Peppers, Onions, served with pico de galo, sour cream, guacamole, beans, rice and warm tortillas. The price on these, $11.99. There always is a healthy portion of shrimp, and the shrimp size is pretty decent. I attached a video of the sizzling they where hot!!

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Yancy - SBTS - Room 445 said...

Some say you sell the shrimp not the sizzle.

Some say confusables.