Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double-Down KFC Chicken Bun Sandwich Photos & Review - Multiple US Regions

Mutiple members of Team FPT have tried the new Double-Down chicken sandwich from Kentuck Fried Chicken and now we have media to present to you.

Upon inspection in the FPT test kitchens we found this to be very tasty as we had hoped. The multiple photos above are of the kind we sampled - original recipe choice - 4.99 on the west coast. Seemed sort of small at first, but was rather filling with the bacon and cheese in the middle. We do endorse this sandwich - it may be sort of a novelty thing, you would not want it daily, but is a nice change from the regular routines. Was nice and greasy - like fried chicken should be - notice the grease stains on the paper towel after it sat there for 60 seconds - decent!

Here is mobi media from B2 who bought his Double-Down at a KFC in Las Vegas:

We also have the follwing mobi pictures from regular contributor Chris Norton - somewhere in the SW USA. When asked for a quote, he replied "its like woodstock. it can probably only happen once".


etathed said...

Nice. Thanks to the endorsement of the FPT i will try one of these next time i venture out of the hills. The nearest KFC is about an hour and ten minutes from me, but this is something i simply must try. expect a review from me withing the next 3-4 days.


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