Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Oreo Cakesters - Bold & Brave Offering!

The FPT staff has been meaning to try these guys out, and we have nice close-up media for you to examine. This snack pack of 3 Oreo Cakesters should be around the .99 cents mark in the USA - however we did even better with a coupon for fifty cents off that was right on the shelf.

This sampling was done very late at night, on the backside of a day long food eating bender. After trying to recall eating them and looking at the photos, we humbly admit that while we do actually remember eating these - thats all we can verify.

The wrapper is here and the Oreo Cakesters are gone. Based on prior food bender experiences (ie. binging) we can say with confidence, if these were not really good, then we would remember so.

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