Monday, April 19, 2010

Ore-Ida Easy-Fries - Mircowaveable Crisper Box

On sale for 1.00, Doug from our IT department bought a few of these for all of the FPT Team to sample. The idea of crispy fries from a microwave seemed a pretty bold statement and we were eager to test this new offering from Ore-Ida (which one assumes means Oregon-Idaho, however we have not confirmed this yet).

First off, we were impressed with the very thorough instructions and 'careful these are hot' warnings - very nice packaging. We followed the directions exactly - pushing the crisper side of the box down into the fry pile, stuck it in the microwave and scrambled for dippin' sauces. We were not disappointed - these fries were hot and crispy and also nice and tasty. Not sure of the regular price - but at 1.00, we sent a staffer to acquire 10 more boxes for us immediately.

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