Saturday, October 09, 2010

Birds Eye Voila Ten Minute Meal

The FPT test kitchen is always trying new foods and letting the public know about it. This time around we have a dish that claims it can be cooked in 10 minutes. So, we busted out our skillet and accepted this challenge.

The instructions are pretty straight forward....put some water in the bottom of the skillet, heat to med-high, put contents of bag in skillet, cover and stir occasionally.

After cooking and serving, we have given this meal the green light. Cooking time was just under 15 minutes, perfect portion for two people, and a nice blend of veggies, chicken and noodles. The price point is right on this item as well. Check your local grocery store freezer. Price range from $4 to $6 depending on where you do your shopping. There are many varieties of flavors, including shrimp and beef.

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