Thursday, October 07, 2010

UPDATE A Win For Snack Sneakers

Back in December 2009, the FPT spotlighted the all-renewable materials Sun Chips bag. The story talked about how loud packaging is when you open them or re-enter them.
(Here is the original story)

FPT was one of the first media outlets to speak out against loud packaging. We feel that snack sneakers and snackers in general should be able to enjoy food stuffs without excess noise.
This week it was announced that Frito-Lay will be recycling their idea for the biodegradable Sun Chips bag. A spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying "Clearly, we'd received consumer feedback that it was noisy. We recognized from the beginning that the bag felt, looked and sounded different."
FPT considers this a win for snacking community. If any readers have any other issues with food stuffs such as this. Please bring it to our attention, your voice will be heard.


Snack Pack said...

Thank the Lord, its a beautiful thing.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh yes. Another win for the ugly Americans, another loss for the environment.