Friday, October 08, 2010

NEW Cheetos Hunger Grab Bag

From the HIlls of West Virgina, Etathed has found a new snackable product at his local snack shack.

My favorite Cheetos are the Mighty Zinger Ragin Cajun / Ranch flavored combo bags. Found this unique "Hunger Grab" bag at the store yesterday while on a queso run. This is a narrow bag that contains the same amount of Cheetos as the standard 99 cent bags. This narrow bag is fantastic, as it fits perfectly in the hand. Its easy, tear open corner allows priders to eat straight from the bag with out getting your hands dirty. The narrow bag also makes these Cheetos more travel friendly as they can easily be carried in the pockets of loose fitting clothing! In the photo i have placed the Cheetos bag next to a full size bag of Tostitos Crispy Rounds for comparison.
Props to Cheetos for continuing to deliver a quality snacking experience!

Thanks to Etathed for the heads up on this new product.

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Chester said...

I will look for these in my local areas. I am a fan of the Cheetos