Tuesday, May 05, 2009

El Monterey Frozen Enchilada Platters - FPT Staff Review

The staff here sampled the El Monterey 'Family Size' frozen enchilada platters recently. They come with 6 decent sized enchiladas over a bed of rice. For frozen, these enchilada troughs get a high mark. Enchiladas (beef or chicken - we tried both) are meaty and come out of the oven well. They do not crumble apart - somewhere other brands faiil the test. The staff found these on sale for 5.00, normally 7.00. FPT Staff Rank: 7.8 (15 staff votes)


etathed said...

Beside beef or chicken, what else is in these enchiladas? Cheeses? Beans? OnionS?

Tester Tanya said...

enchilada sauce