Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pizza Rolls, Hot Sauce & More Chat - The Live Roundtable Log

etathed: so many good foods junkbox: pizza rolls are dangerous as funk PXGuest: im so gd huge now PXGuest: its outrageous PXGuest: really etathed: dangerous? etathed: over heated? PXGuest: never saw it coming etathed: burn your mouth PXGuest: i am 'scary' big junkbox: they continue to heat up contrary to the laws of physics long after they're removed from the microwave etathed: ahhh i go with oven bake whenever possible junkbox: we refer to them as lava pockets in this house etathed: nice PXGuest: up in junks hizzle PXGuest: respect etathed: you go with the three meat junk? PXGuest: was that a roundtable? etathed: combination? etathed: three cheese? junkbox: it's a shame because they really are tasty...but if you miscalculate the first one the rest of the experience is ruined junkbox: yes 3 cheese and only totino's not those Safeway brand shits PXGuest: agreed etathed: i have a method PXGuest: flip thrice junkbox: hmmm etathed: i sorta squeeze them after i take them out the oven, this opens the side up, letting the steamy heat out PXGuest: gd etathed: helps the cool down process PXGuest: thats good move etathed: ty PXGuest: junk junkbox: interesting PXGuest: you dip them lil bastards? etathed: another trick i use when eating pizza rolls is to add some hot sauce junkbox: ranch etathed: gd, i never dipped PXGuest: decent junkbox: ranch from the fridge also helps the cooldown PXGuest: ranch with butternilk is my choice etathed: dont know why i never thought to do so etathed: i usually pour a decent amount of hot sauce in them buggers PXGuest: cause youre overweight now PXGuest: focus bro PXGuest: be the food PXGuest: what makes you best? junkbox: what is your hot sauce of choice? PXGuest: Tapatio junkbox: ditto PXGuest: LA home etathed: right now my hotsauce is Cholula junkbox: cholula is nice as well... but too vinegary etathed: PXGuest: naaaa PXGuest: thx though etathed: goes good in the pizza rolls PXGuest: TAPATIO PXGuest: ES UNA SALSA etathed: im not familiar with tapatio i think etathed: you got a link etathed: ? PXGuest: ES UNA SALSA MUT GRANDE! PXGuest: etathed: GD cholula has a HOT GARLIC sauce PXGuest: hit that for much info etathed: gd etathed: ty PXGuest: oh FYI junkbox: PXGuest: THE FPT BROKE 50,000 UNIQUE HITS TODAY etathed: nice etathed: congrats PXGuest: looks good PXGuest: but its all gun crazy label etathed: Holy shiz! PXGuest: does it back that shiz up? etathed: i actually have a bottle of that tapatio at home PXGuest: ? PXGuest: with the senor? PXGuest: logo? etathed: yeah PXGuest: gd PXGuest: it comes in 3 sizes junkbox: gunslinger isn't too hot at all... PXGuest: 100z etathed: i got the mid size PXGuest: 160z PXGuest: AND junkbox: it's a thicker tapatio... non vinegar style PXGuest: THE BIG 40oz BOMER etathed: gd etathed: that 40oz is a monster junkbox: yup i have the 40oz as well PXGuest: looke like abullet? PXGuest: no? junkbox: it's like $2.69 and a little bottle is 99 cents PXGuest: way betterd eal for sure junkbox: math PXGuest: GO BIG etathed: i wasnt really thrilled with it etathed: i wil have to re try it PXGuest: shake it u etathed: i think i used it in a chili pot PXGuest: i know that helps etathed: k PXGuest: im gonna have to breajk off the roundtable PXGuest: ty for participating etathed: k etathed: ty for hosting this roundtable

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