Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What Free Chicken - KFC & Oprah?

Our staff stumbled on a link from a news site on may 5th, claiming Oprah Whinfrey show had set-up a free KFC chicken meal coupons for printing as part of a dual-promotion. Free, we love that here, so we immediately checked the link. We found it got us to a printable PDF file with the free 2 piece chicken meal coupon. There was a prominent disclaimer saying the site may be too busy to get to the coupon and to keep trying. We had no problems. This coupon said it could only be printed 4 times from any one computer - fair enough we agreed. Upon arriving at our local KFC around 5:30 PM, we found the drive-thru had a line of about 8-10 cars. We decided to stay in line - we had put in a lot of time on this by now. 15 minutes later we reached the order box/menu and mentioned we had the free coupons. First we got no answer - eventually someone came back and said they "we are no longer taking the coupons the rest of the day". So what would we do? Drive off frustrated, hungry and agan disappointed with a KFC visit. This coupon is only printable thru the 6th - but is usable thru the 16th. Coupon is here:


Jeffrey FLA said...

Marketing Disaster.

Nomad said...

free greasy chicken is usually a good thing, i just hesitate to stand in line for an hour to save five bucks