Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel - From Safeway Market In-Store Bakery

The photo above shows you what our team has found to be the BEST in-store bakery bagel you will find. After trying the bagels from all the major grocery chain stores that have an in-store bakery, we could not find anything like the bagels from Safeway. They are toasted on the outside and chewy soft inside - our team preferred style (many would call this a New York style bagel. As a bonus - these are priced nice everyday and are a max-value when they run a sale. Single bagels sell for only .69 cents!


Informative Erma said...

You post daily? Up in here?

etathed said...

That is a great price. Too bad there are no safeways in my area.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!! The Jalapeno cheddar bagels are by far the best bagels anywhere!! Unfortunately for us there are no Safeway stores in the northeast. The Jalapeno cheddar bread is equally as good!!