Friday, May 08, 2009

Planters & Mr. Peanut's New Big Nut Bars - It Takes Big Nuts To Deliver Big Taste

Do you ever get tired of having the same old nuts? Perhaps you sometimes wish you had saltier and dare-I-say bigger nuts. Then you’re in luck. Mr.Peanut has met the challenge by bringing out the big boys for his new "Big Nut Bars". These chewy nut and granola bars are indeed big. Big Nut Bars come in Double Peanut and Triple Nut varieties and contain 7g of protein per bar, for extra energy that will give smaller bars nut envy. They are also very thick - no air/whipping bubbles - these are solid planks of goodness. The numbers tell the tale: 30% bigger than the leading similar bars. We found these bars to be like a super compacted mini-meal. Tasty and filling. Not too salty or granoly (<-- not a real word yet). Excellent thing to have around the home or office when you want to a serious snack. Found them for sale as single bars as well as 5-packs at the grocery store. Planters has been an American standard for peanut products for as long as anyone can remember. They have a long history of fine peanut products and this new offering was able to meet and beat our expectations.


Natural Nelda said...

Granoly is too a word.

crim_ said...

exactly how big are Mr. Peanut's nuts? Really, how big?