Tuesday, October 27, 2009

$2 Buck Choc - The Fat Pride Times Unsual Food Item O' The Week

One of our staffers found this unique offering on deep-discount for only $1 Buck, and brought several back to our test kitchens for staff review.

This is a large piece of peanut butter like fudge with a chocolate bottom - portion is huge it weighed like 14oz - or just under one full pound. We found it to be fair to middlin' overall. Tastes a little waxy and bland but for $1 buck we were happy overall. However, if we were faced with paying the $2 bucks as it is named - it would not rank very high. Our recommendation is that if you find it on sale - grab a couple.


etathed in florida said...

whoa, thats some serious weight for the 1 dollar price point. Nice find.

Michael - Mike's Market said...

I wonder if a $5 Buck Choc would kick ass?

Econ Edward said...

I give these out on Halloween.