Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Poll: Is Liquor Food?

This week's poll offers up a question pondered, but never answered by modern civilization. Is liquor a food?

Please vote by using the poll found on the right side of this page. Any comments are welcome - just click the comments link below.


etathed said...

Though i support the USA and her private voting, i want to step forward and say i voted that liquor is NOT a food.

Thank you.

Corkie - WA said...

We need to have a roundtable debate on this.

Logical Lawrence of the Dale said...

Liquor provides calories which are body fuel. It is in a solution containing mostly water. Might I make a comparison:

Is diet soda food? no, no calories, nothing for the body to burn.

Therefore liquor can be considered food.

Buck Toofed Willis said...

Once my grandpappy was on the range and plum forgot his beans. Well, he couldn't make it back to the homestead that night and ended up tying over his hunger with the moonshine he carried in his trusty lead lined flask.

blak2oof said...

I am from the USA also, but I do have to say I think its a food.