Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mongo's Mongologues - The FPT Point/Counterpoint Corner

Our friend Mongo spoke to us about doing an anti-junk food post - and we at the FPT like to honor all perspectives, so of course we are happy to do so. The staff here is fond of all varities of foodstuffs from fresh fish to swedish fish.

Mongo Mongologue:

IaM is older than most of our FPT readers, and I have seen many of my friends ravaged by the effects of diabetes. Therefore, this corner of the FPT shall be devoted to anti-junk food. The following pictures show how one (like IaM) can lose 75pounds.

The first picture is a Porterhouse steak. Nothing wrong with some good beef. For our more discerning readers, one will note that one side of the Porterhouse looks strikingly similar to a picture of a New York strip steak that was previously posted to this forum.This is for the reason that a Porterhouse steak is a New York on one side of the bone, and a filet on the other. The best of both worlds!

Do not suspect that IaMongo is a hamma having seen the second photograph. That flower just happened to bloom the day before I put the Porterhouse on the grill. I had to take a photograph.

The third photograph is the Porterhouse on the grill. If you will note, there is aluminum foil underneath the steak. That foil contains a spanish onion, and is a delicious addition to any bbq. To properly cook a spanish onion, simply wrap it in foil and throw it directly into the coals of a bbq. After about forty-five minutes, the onion will be sweet and tender. It's a must-try for our FPT readers. To properly cook a quality cut of beef on a bbq, one must first acquire mesquite coals. The fourth picture shows the results.

In the interest of diabetes prevention, and the prevention of heart disease, we move on to the fifth picture. Instead of french fries or other processed foods, try a California Cucumber Salad a la Mongo. The recipe is stunningly simple. Take one large cucumber. Unlike liberal-whores, we Republicans peel them before putting them in the mixing bowl. Cut the cucumber across the grain and then cut the pieces in half. Take two Roma tomatoes, cut them up length-wise, and throw those little whores into the bowl. Now, most importantly for a California Cucumber Salad a la Mongo, one takes three green onions and chops them into relatively large pieces.

I prefer to get my green onions at Vons because they are invariably high quality. But, one may substitute green onions from a BT market. One then mixes these ingredients. Having done so, we then add one small avacado. Cut it length-wise and add the pieces by hand to avoid damaging the beauty of this wonderful fruit. Now is the time to spice-up this little thang. Go to Vons and buy their house-brand Olive Oil Balsalmic Dressing. Apply generously. Garnish with four Pepperonchini peppers. To finish this California delight, one must dust this salad with cracked black pepper. Voila. Cucumber salad a la Mongo!


Inquisitive Erma said...

is this the same Mongo fellow who is famous for his Beefeater Gibson recipe at ?

oh yeah also is he hamma with the flower picture or what?

Dick Dietrick said...

Oh No

TomSawyer said...

Mongo never took pictures of flowers before Obama got elected. CHANGE!

Bertranndo said...

Mongo's monologue is a fine piece of literature and art. Go Go Mongo - We Want More!

etathed said...

Gd. Nice write up. Nice Meal. Nice jpgs. Nice job.

Negative Nancy said...

You lost me when you started talking about onions. I hate them.

Young Yeller said...

This poor guy must be really old.

Anonymous said...

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