Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mongo's Mongologues 3: Pork - The Other White Meat, Onions, & Baked Potato

Installment 3 from our friend Mongo:

Today, we explore the wonders of the other white meat, pork. If one views the first picture, one will note that we have a beautiful pork loin. The loin is from the back of the pig. Notice that we are also exploring further expeditions into the world of anti-junk food.

If our readers view the second photograph, one will note that we have green onions on the grill this evening. It is not commonly known, but onions of all types have exceedingly high amounts of vitamin C. It is also in the chemically basic form, calcium ascorbate, as opposed to ascorbic acid, which is commonly found in citrus and other foods.

Our more discerning readers may have noted that in the second picture, we once again have a delight in aluminum foil. Within, we have an Idaho potato. Contrary to popular knowledge, potatoes are an essential foodstuff and do not necessarily make one fat. That which makes one fat while eating potatoes are the toppings one applies.

In the last photograph, we have a Potato a la Mongo. This delicious accoutrement may be slammed in states other than California. First, one takes an Idaho potato. Cook well (if you motards can't figure that part out, no need explaining). One then applies butter sparingly.

We then take the green onions from the grill (those in the picture are from a small market, but should substitute those from Vons). Apply the green onions along with a generous serving of sliced jalapenos.

Voila! - Baked Potato a la Mongo.


Big Billiam - NY said...

I like the butter, sour cream and bacon bits on my bakers.

It is how I roll.

Negative Nancy said...

What is the original white meat?

Bertranndo said...

Was there beverages served with this meal?

Miss Sally - Montebello said...

Do you shop at Von's mostly Mongo?

Barking Charlie said...

Was the moon out at the time of preparation?

Neutral Neddy said...

Some people will throw anything on a grill. Looks so-so.

Anonymous said...

Querido Negative Nancy (I'm a BT),

The "original white meat" is generally referred to as chicken.

I may disagree with that, in light of my love for baked turkey.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bertranndo,

Yes, of course, beverages were served with this meal.

IaM slams Coors light with all my meals (I slam them at other times, too).


Anonymous said...

Querido Miss Sally - Montebello,

I shop a lot at Vons. I have found that they have the best butchers in the business.

However, I have another secret location here in Los Angeles from which I procure my produce (e.g. blood oranges).

Check back soon for my discussion of rare, hairy melons. They're coming into season soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Barking Charlie,

I don't remember if the moon was out or not. I was a little loaded.