Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rock Legends RUSH Perform With Large Chicken Roasters On-Stage

Everyone here loves this. The rock and roll legends Rush played live on their last tour with a big rack of chicken roaster machines on stage. Every now and again a Chef would come out and baste them up good. One of our reader's saw this tour and just now remembered that we would want to know about this.

Thank You Jim.
"The Bird Is The Word"


RUSH fan USA said...

I count 52 whole birds in those racks. Does the road crew get to eat them?

Cluck Cluck said...

Did the fans get the birds afterwards? A blatant waste if they weren't eaten, I would not even download their music if so.

Bo Bandy said...

"Legends"?? maybe in the Canada, right up there with Helix and April Wine. Now who wants some freezer tokes?

etathed in Georgia said...

I can shed some light on this. A few tours ago Geddy Lee switched to a new amplification system that tied his bass directly into the P.A. Thus, he no longer had any amps on stage, leaving a big empty spot on his side. Alex Lifeson has several amps on his side of the stage, so to balance things out Geddy brought out clothes dryers, and a couple tours later he switched to the roasters. If you look closely you can even see they are mic'ed up!

As for the birds.... they are not real. Sorry to say.