Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adventure Dining at Snowshoe Mountain - From Regular Contributor Etathed

I was recently invited to attend Snowshoe Mountain's Media Weekend dinner at Snowshoe Mountain Resort in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. This is usually an event reserved for TV, Magazine, and Newspaper folk, but thanks to my good friend and Snowshoe's Communications Manager, Laura Parquette, i was invited to tag along as a representative from the Fat Pride Times.

This dinner was held at Snowshoe's Back Country hut, part of their Adventure Dining program. And it is indeed in the "Back Country." Guests are taken to the hut in an old 1960's era Army ambulance. The 2.5 mile mile ride through the wilderness was fantastic, snow covered trees and a snow covered road just a bit wider than our transportation. Thank goodness for chains on the tires, and thanks to Carol our wonderful driver!

After the drive we arrived at a beautiful log cabin deep in the forrest. The two story cabin has a full kitchen, several bedrooms, bathroom, and offers overnight accommodations for up to 8 people! We were not here for an overnight stay this time, we were just here for the food!

As the members of the media mingled and sipped on wine, beer, and soda, a delicious appetizer, baked artichoke and parmesan dip was served with crackers. Fresh and hot out of the oven this was a great way to start the feast. Next we took our seats and were served a delicious Potato and Leek Soup with Bread on the side. This was very good, which surprised me since i am not a big fan of potato soups. Maybe i was just hungry, but i had no problem eating it all, and enjoying every spoonful!

Next up was the entree portion of the feast. The Hut offers several entree options all served with rice, and sugar snap peas. Here are the options:

14oz New York Strip Steak
Duck a la Orange
Glazed Salmon
Pecan Encrusted Trout
Grilled Italian Portobello

I went with the 14oz New York Strip Steak, medium rare. This was one amazing steak easily an inch and a half to two inches thick, the steak was cooked perfectly and was seasoned with a great blend spices giving it a fantastic flavor. Props to Ben, the "Hut Master" and chef for preparing such a wonderful meal.

After the entree, and a few more beers for myself, it was time for dessert.

Fresh Baked Peach Cobbler..... At first i was not thrilled as i do not like peaches. None the less it wouldn't be right to pass on such a tasty looking treat. WOW! I was shocked, it was delicious! Again fresh out of the oven and still crispy and warm topped off with a bit of cool whip, this was the perfect end to an amazing meal.

Eating at the Back country hut is more than simply going out to dinner , It truly is an adventure. From the snow covered drive through the wilderness, to the peaceful seclusion of the beautiful log cabin, and the amazing fresh cooked foods, this was truly a unique and wonderful dining experience!

You can get full details on the Adventure Dining Program at Snowshoe Mountain here. . . Back Country Hut


Big Billiam - NY said...

That 'truck' looks like a die-cast model?

Prove me wrong!

But - those steaks are the real deal.

Negative Nancy said...

I LOVE the little bears on those dessert plates.

MaryBell said...

Impressive variety for a secluded establishment! Looks/sounds like they really get it right.

Staines Massiv said...

This is what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

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