Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starbucks Cups & Lids: Lid Pops Off Large Size When Grasped - Messy & Frustrating!

The staff here has been on a long bender fueled by coffee and 99 cent burgers. At one point we decided to just go with the largest size coffee from Starbucks as our standard morning boost. We love Starbucks coffee - it is the best(we are talking coffee, not frapucino's and matte's or whatevers).

After repeated incidents with top pop-offs frustration, and spillage we decided to roundtable why this was happening over and over and over.

The staff here believes that the same size lid is used on the medium and large sized coffe cups (yes, we know they call them venti and grande). When the lid is on the taller and skinnier large cup - it easily gives way when cup is picked up anywhere past the 50% heigth mark. Yes, we always double check the snap lid when purchasing coffee and aeven after repeated top pop-offs.

We have submitted a complaint/inquiry about this to Starbucks but did not get a response. We are asking fellow readers to check-in with us and report any similar experiences. Our team found it dangerous, frustrating and very messy!


Skep said...

Just one more reason to avoid Starbucks.

etathed said...

I dont drink coffee. But i heard it wakes the snake.

Anonymous said...

Ordered a venti hot green tea and the lid popped- spilling 3/4 of its contents all over myself and my brand new mac book.